I am a software engineer based in Japan with many years of experience building and maintaining web applications for the Japanese market. I believe in quality code and quality communication, and see the two as intimately related.

Photo of Chris Salzberg

A Canadian originally from Montreal, I first came to Japan as a researcher and later discovered a love for programming. I have headed international teams in public organizations and private companies, tackling problems ranging from disseminating scientific discoveries to integrating legacy payment systems. The common thread linking these roles is the importance of clear communication to quality results.

I currently spend my days developing the foundations for commerce as a Staff Developer on the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify. I also contribute actively to many open-source projects, including Mobility, a Ruby gem for translating model data, and Ruby on Rails.


  • Ruby on Rails internals (especially ActiveModel/ActiveRecord)
  • Payment integration
  • E-commerce and logistics
  • Internationalization and localization, translation management


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.