Before becoming a programmer, I wore many hats including science writer, journalist and blogger, covering topics ranging from basic science to the Japanese Internet. Writing has always been—and continues to be—a passion of mine.

Nowadays, I mostly blog at Below are some highlights from recent years.

Arel with Wharel (2018/5/30)

Introduces Wharel, a tiny little gem that uses the empty room pattern to make Arel queries easier to build.

The Ruby Module Builder Pattern (2017/5/20)

Learn about a powerful Ruby pattern for building on-the-fly customizable modules. (Covered on Hacker News and presented at RubyKaigi 2017.)

Translating with Mobility (2017/3/3)

A review of translation strategies and introduction to Mobility, a translation framework for Ruby.

Debugging Spree (2014/4/17)

Join me down a rabbit hole into the gory internals of Ruby’s most popular e-commerce library, Spree.